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“…Victoria Prescott , who elevates the entire proceedings with her superb performance…”

– Mark Share, EyeSpyLA

“The expert cast is an invaluable asset…. Lowe and Prescott fully inhabit the newbies…”

– David C Nichols, LA Times

“A skilled cast of Tanner rep players glides through the proceedings with glee…Todd Lowe and Victoria Prescott hold their own against the jaded middle aged perverts…” – Backstage West

“As Karen becomes well oiled…Prescott impressively segues from uptight bystander to willing participant…”  – Julio Martinez, Variety


 “Comic gems though Ratner and Metcalf are, they shine no brighter than the rest of this considerable cast. Victoria Prescott, Tate Hanyok, and Todd Lowe play Patty's grown but not overly disciplined children, and their sibling dynamic is marvelous” 

– Wenzel Jones , Backstage

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